Crochet hook holder


Helda Panagary


This holder is created with double crochet (Uk). Turn those leftovers into something practical , quick and easy.

Materials List

Yarn ; 20g-30g of any yarn . I used yarn from the knittery shade cherries its sock yarn
Hook; Any hook appropiate to the yarn I used 3.5mm.

1 Button.

Finished Size

length 7incheswidth 4 inch




Free yourself from gauge,use whatever yarn and hook as long as you create a stiff fabric.

The Pattern

Fed up wth searching for that hook when out and about make a crochet holder to fit in your handbag, hook stitch markers ,scissors, whatever.

Use any leftover yarn, make loads and give to your crocheting friend, have one in every colour.

Easy pattern quick and easy.

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