Crochet Headbands for Winter and Summer

  Delta Headband by Lily Chin

Do you wear crochet headbands? They are such a brilliant invention! If you want a quick accessory in a specific color to match your outfit for the weekend—or am I the only one who does this—you can whip one up in an evening or two. Because of their small size, they make a great canvas for trying a new technique or using up some stash yarn.

There are really two types of headbands. There are the earwarmer type that are designed to cover your ears and keep the warm and protected in cold weather, though that doesn't mean they can't be stunning pieces of crochet. These headbands are generally thick, and I think Tunisian crochet is a great technique. Lily Chin's Delta Headband is created using Tunisian crochet in the round. This is also an innovative way of working Tunisian crochet colorwork.

Ella's Headband by Robyn Chachula  

I have a few friends who prefer headbands to hats or beanies. They are perfect if your hair is up in a ponytail or curled. If you are headed to a special event it is a great way to keep your ears warm and your hair relatively unmussed.

The second type of headband is generally a thinner fabric, sometimes worked in lace or thread as with Ella's Headband. The purpose of these headbands isn't to keep your ears warm but to hold your hair back-or just as a beautiful accessory. Here is a great opportunity to play with motifs, embellishments, and lace.


Flores Headband by Katie Himmelberg
By Katie Himmelberg

Whether you like to wear summer or winter crochet headbands—or both—download our Crochet Headband Pattern Collection and enjoy the brilliance of this quick and easy accessory.


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