Crochet Haven

The day is here, folks. Moving day! Tomorrow, I load up all of my family's stuff and move it to our new house. We're excited and stressed. I'm stressed about everything except one thing: a crochet studio. At last! A crafting space just for me!

The only problem is that, up till now, my mind has been so preoccupied with the logistics of buying a house and moving, that I have hardly started my plan for how I want to set up and decorate my space.


It's a small attic room with only a skylight for natural light, so I was thinking of painting the walls plain white (for better light and photo backgrounds). But I don't want to sit in a white room. It needs some pizzazz!

So tell me about your craft room. Do you have it set up as a space to relax, or to whip your mind into a creative frenzy? How do you store your yarns? Mine are used to being squished into plastic bins, but I'm excited to find a way to display them where they can inspire me.

What cute ideas do you have for hook containers? How do you keep your kids out?

I've been flipping through other Interweave publications, especially the Studios special issue, for ideas. Please share your ideas with me, too! If you're particularly full of fantastic ideas, you might want to share them with Studios or with Fiberarts (they're having a great contest right now)..I'll be taking pictures and blogging about how I transform the attic space into my fiber studio, so check back!

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