Crochet Hats to Support Your Team

The challenge is on! When the New England Patriots win on Sunday, Knitting Daily editor Kathleen Cubley will knit me a fabulous new crochet hat in Patriots colors. You should check out her post to see the hats that she is contemplating. But if the Seattle Seahawks win, I will be crocheting her a hat in Seahawks colors.

A question about who you will be rooting for, yielded more of your favorite sports teams. That led me to my crochet pattern library in search of colorwork crochet hats that could be worked up in team colors. I found several crochet hats that are just perfect.

This crochet hat is an easy crochet pattern for a fun gift.

Plaited Hat by Jennifer Raymond


Chullo Hat and Gloves by Ellen K. Gormley


Fennel Hat by Ellen Gormley





Polka Hat by Linda Skuja


Fire Whirl Hat by Shelby Allaho


Bear Lake Hat by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton












Whether you are creating a hat for your local high school team or for a major sports team, one of these hats would be perfect. I won’t be making a hat for Kathleen, but if I do, which crochet hat do you think I should make?

Best wishes,

P.S. What colors would you crochet with to support your favorite sports team?


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