Crochet Hats from the Bottom Up

What is up with the weather lately? Here we have had snow and cold one day and unseasonably warm temperatures the next. My solution-always keep a good crochet hat handy. A warm beanie is a must-have on a cold snowy day and pairs perfectly with a jacket on those warm days.

That might be why I have a drawer full of crochet hats, and several more I want to make. Every one of them is different, whether it is a different stitch pattern or a cool colorwork design.  I usually work from the crown down, but Mary Beth Temple makes a very convincing argument for working from the brim up.

When you crochet your hat from the bottom up, you can create incredible brims. Check out this preview to hear more from Mary Beth.

Why haven’t I been crocheting more hats from the brim up? I think it is time to reevaluate my hat queue. Thank you Mary Beth!

Download Crochet Your First Hat with Mary Beth Temple and then check out more of Mary Beth’s intro videos. You will learn how to work crochet foundation stitches, how to create granny squares and turn them into a fabulous shawl, how to crochet great bags, and more.

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P.S. Tell us in the comments, do you crochet your hats from the brim up or from the crown down?

This beautiful crochet beanie is quite the eye-catching crochet accessorie.

Picea Hat by Sue Perez

This easy cabled crochet hat is perfect with an exciting button.

Blueberry Trellis Hat by Anastasia Popova











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