Crochet Granny Square Skirt

When you were a child, did you have a shape-sorting toy that taught you to recognize shapes? Mine was a round sphere with shapes cut in the side, and you slid identically shaped pieces into the cutouts. The circle had to slide through the circle slot and wouldn't fit into the square cutout. Squares were squares and circles were circles, and the two did not play well together.


Imagine my surprise when I learned that the best way to make a crocheted square was to start with a circle. Granny squares, afghan squares, motif squares- most begin with a simple circle.

To create a crocheted square, first begin by working a circle. Some patterns have several rounds in a circle before creating the square shape.

The transformation from circle to square can be accomplished in a couple of different ways. The four corners of a square are shaped with either multiple stitches or a combination of multiple stitches and stitches of greater height. The traditional granny squares use twice the number of stitches in the corner space than in the "sides" to create the square.


The folksy, multicolored squares can also use additional stitches, including chain stitches, to create corners. The corner increases are easy to keep track of in this pattern because they are always worked in the chain space. Keeping track of your corner increases is important; in order to keep your work from reverting to its circle shape, each row requires additional stitches at the corner.

Circles become squares and gorgeous granny squares become a stunning skirt. I love the Granny Square Skirt by Doris Chan. This easy skirt makes the retro granny square chic again.

You can create yours with our Granny Square Skirt Kit. You will receive a digital copy of the pattern and all the yarn you will need to crochet this timeless skirt. Order your Granny Square Skirt Kit today; supplies are limited.

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