In a Snit Because That Sweater Won’t Fit? Check Out Our Crochet Garment Design Workshop

You’ve spent days, weeks, even months crocheting that beautiful sweater. Then you try it on and are torn between bursting into tears and setting the damn thing on fire because it Just. Doesn’t. Fit. You are not alone.

Watch a preview of Crochet Garment Design now.

There are a gazillion reasons why the perfect pattern is not so perfect. Maybe you didn’t realize that the pattern requires a lot of ease to look good or, perhaps, needs to be worn with negative ease to fit right. For that matter, maybe you aren’t sure what the hell “ease” is. Did you swatch? No, really, did you swatch? Maybe your arms are longer or shorter than the pattern, or maybe your shoulders are narrower. Maybe you want a bit of shaping here, not there. Maybe the fabric is too stiff or too drapey to really work. And so on.

Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (affiliate link) feels your pain—and is here to do something about it. In his comprehensive workshop Crochet Garment Design, he explains the fundamentals of garment design, so you can bring them to any pattern, whether your own or someone else’s. Learn why gauge is not an irritating prequel to your project, but rather the force behind how your fabric behaves. Understand what a garment schematic is really telling you. Want to alter that schematic with shaping? Learn how (and when and why) with his Magic Shaping Formula.

Crochet Garment Design

Proper measuring is the first step toward a perfect sweater.

One of my favorite parts of this workshop is where Shannon takes people of various shapes, proportions, and heights, and shows how and where to measure properly. It’s an important step, but he doesn’t stop there. What you wear under that sweater can make a big difference in how it fits. Don’t take your measurements in a push-up bra unless you wear one everyday; it can throw off far more than just your bust measurements. Same goes for those Spanx.

Fashion, form, fit, and function are the building blocks of any good design. In Shannon’s workshop, learn how they all come together for you, so that sweater—every sweater—you make is the perfect sweater after all.

This video of Shannon has nothing to do with garment design, but it’s fun to watch.

Happy watching!

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