Crochet-Friendly Store Directory in Beta

I'm pleased to announce that after much wrangling with PHP code, our brand-spanking-new directory of crochet-friendly stores is now officially in beta. The stores listed are ones that are happy to go out of their way to welcome crocheters, and because of that I'm giddy to bring them to your attention.

As I said, the directory is in beta. There aren't a huge number of stores listed yet (so tell your LYS! Listings are free during beta!), and I'm still working out some glitches and plan to add some more features (like to differentiate online-only stores from stores that also have an actual storefront). Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, and please give me as much information as possible about what you were doing when you broke it. Also, please let me know if there are other features you have a hankering for.

Woo hoo!

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