Crochet for a Cause

Crocheters are an amazing, wonderful group of people. I see so much love going into every stitch, and so often that love and attention is going to someone we don't even know.

There's a lot of need in the world; pretty much everywhere you turn there are people who are suffering and struggling. It's enough to get you down, until you look at the flip side. Because not far behind every tragedy, there's a happy hook-wielding helper, ready to show that they not only care enough to give–they care enough to give something that came straight from their heart.

Here are a few places that gladly accept crocheted items for charity:

For people in need:

For a good cause:

For baby people in need:

For furry friends with wet noses in need:

You'll find great free crochet patterns from Interweave to help you create some wonderful projects that will make the world a better place.

The crochet bracelets (pictured left) can be made in a variety of colors to support any cause. Look for them in our free crochet patterns gallery as well as our Spring 2011 issue of Interweave Crochet!

Here is a handy walker or wheelchair free crochet bag pattern.
Here is a tiny free crochet baby blanket pattern for a preemie or a grieving family.
Here is a free pattern for crochet slippers that can be sized to fit any feet.

And here is a crocheted sleeping mat for an animal that needs a soft place to rest (you could also use this as a decorative crochet placemat) .

I hope you enjoy making these projects and giving them to those that need them.
Thank you crocheters!

Until next time,

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