Crochet Flowers of Spring

We haven’t seen the last of snow and freezing temperatures here, but I caught my first glimpse of spring flowers a couple of days ago. It was a tiny pansy peeking out from brown foliage; its brilliant purple and yellow colors representing the optimism of spring.

Now I have blossoms on the brain. It’s time to pull out my hooks and yarn. There are so many possibilities for crochet flowers. Here are a few of my favorite crochet flower ideas.

This gorgeous lace crochet shawl is embellished with crochet flowers.

Promenade Shawl by Kathryn White

This flower crochet cardigan is a classic.

Aboretum Cardigan by Annette Petavy


Flower Embellishments

Crochet flowers are quick and easy, and you can use them to embellish anything. Whip up a garden of blossoms to lay in rows down a scarf or shawl. Or create a cluster of different size blooms to embellish the neckline of a sweater. A single flower is the perfect addition to a hat or beanie.

Inspired by Irish crochet this sweater is eye-catching.

Marina Sweater by Anastasia Popova

Crochet flower motifs make up this crochet purse.

Evening Blooms Purse by Robyn Chachula


Flower Fabric

Join a bouquet of flowers together to create the entire fabric. You can shape that fabric into a 3-D piece such as a purse or a gorgeous shawl. Individual flower motifs can be joined as you go or finished separately and then seemed together into your desired shape. This is a fun method to use to create an Irish crochet inspired sweater or skirt.

This crochet necklace uses bullion stitches to create 3-D texture.

Art Nouveau Bullion Necklace by Donna Kay Lacey

This crochet flower hair clip is a great accessory for any outfit.

Fire Flower Clip by Brenda K. B. Anderson


Flower Accessories

For a quick touch of spring, use a single crochet flower motif. Add a few beads for a bit of sparkle and a hair clip for an accessory that is perfect for a special occasion or use it as a brooch. A crochet flower can also create a stunning necklace or bracelet.

Enjoy your first glimpses of spring. Bask in the first warm rays, enjoy the flowering bulbs, and reflect that beauty as you create your own bit of spring with crocheted flowers. Download a fabulous flower crochet pattern today!

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P.S. What is your favorite flower? Share your favorite in the comments.


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