Crochet Flowers Bloom with the Magic of a Loom

Spring is just about upon us, and thank goodness! This Arctic winter is just too much to bear. Promises of fresh color and brisk days graced with sunshine hold the promise of a change in season and can be a way to inject new inspiration into your life. Create crochet flowers in the name of seasonal joy and get hooked on Crochet Loom Blooms.

crochet loom blooms

3 Reasons to Crochet Flowers with a Flower Loom

1. Easy Enough to Get a Kid to Do It

Creating an assembly line is not a bad thing, especially when the result is a garland of spring blooms. You can actually involve children in this activity, no lie! The Clover Hana-Ami Flower Loom (affiliate link) makes the creative process so easy, the small humans in your life will actually want to help. Seriously. You will eventually have to hide the loom from their small hands – just be sure that cheery flower garland is completed before you abscond with the loom kit.

Be like my buddy Hayley and create a garland using the many crochet flowers available in Crochet Loom Blooms.

2. Festoon Your Life with Flowers

Busting out spring décor often involves sugar and bunnies. Set yourself apart, and create a crafty surprise with Crochet Loom Blooms. Mix and match the flower designs, or follow along with author Haafner Linssen’s many suggestions on how to present a unique, flowery motif of crochet blooms. Your thoughtful work of art will live well beyond that bunny basket – as a matter of fact, you’ve got yourself a floral wall hanging.

3. Variety in Design will Keep the Crafting Fresh

There are crochet flowers in Crochet Loom Blooms that are considered quick-and-easy at Level 1; Level 2 is an intermediate approach that involves a bit more crochet for those of you adept with a hook; and Level 3 reflects the most intricate of the book’s designs, though still approachable for a beginner like me.

Turn the page with your crafting and allow yourself to bust out of the rut that winter may have enabled. Crochet flowers are just the thing to propel you into spring.

Craft on, crafters –


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