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Several years ago, I became fascinated with historical, handcrafted accessories. Many of these accessories were lovingly crocheted, knit, or woven for special occasions. But all of this work was simply a canvas for incredible embellishments that were embroidered and stitched onto this handmade background. Modern crochet designers continue to embellish their designs, whether it is with a crochet edging, an appliqued crochet flower, or embroidery worked on a Tunisian simple stitch background.

In this eBook, I am excited to share with you five beautiful embellished patterns. Each unique crochet accessory pattern highlights a striking crochet embellishment technique that you can apply to any crochet pattern.

The Helping Hand Walker Bag by Sarah Read was designed as a sporty carry-all to be attached to a walker or wheelchair. A few easy embroidery stitches and three fun buttons embellish the front pocket of this easy gift.

The Blueberry Cobbler Mittens by Toni Rexroat were inspired by vintage Tunisian afghans. These basic Tunisian simple stitch mittens are a great introduction to both Tunisian crochet, cross-stitch on a Tunisian crochet background, and a fun opportunity to play with color. The Tunisian crochet creates a structured grid, perfect for embellishing with cross-stitch embroidery.

Ready to practice your Tunisian crochet and cross-stitch embroidery skills? The Ukrainian Cross-Stitch Bag by Alexandra Lockhart was inspired by traditional Ukrainian patterns. Plastic canvas provides structure to the barrel-shaped bag.

Crochet flowers motifs are used to embellish the Flower and Vines Bag by Melissa Mitchell. Inspired by flower vines growing up a chain-link fence in late summer, a crochet applique of vines accent the vertical cables in this eye-catching tote.

Create a crochet edging for crochet, knit, woven, and fabric projects with the Lace Flowers by Midori Nishida. Traditional oya has been used for generations to create crochet borders for magnificent scarves. Explore bead crochet and create a crochet lace edging for your skirt, shawl, or home decor.

Learn to embellish your crochet with 5 Free Patterns for Crochet Embellishments: Learn How to Cross-Stitch on Crochet, Make a Crochet Edging, and Other Techniques for Embellishing Crochet. Share photographs of your finished project in the Crochet Me member gallery.

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