Crochet Edging Possibilities

I am having so much fun decorating my house, and it’s the little things that I am working on now. I really want to create a few gorgeous pillowcases that are embellished with crochet lace edgings. Kristin Omdahl’s book, The Finer Edge, has some incredible edgings and embellishment trims.

I’ve turned to these edgings before when I was looking for the perfect edging for a sweater or crochet blanket. You can even use Kristin’s edgings to create accessories. There are so many possibilities, and now I’m sidetracked. But while I try to make my way back to my original project idea, here is Kristin to talk a little bit more about the possibilities.

CrochetEdging1How to Use the Dictionary

The edgings in this dictionary are organized by construction. The first section’s edgings are worked side to side (or parallel to the edge of the fabric you will join it to). The next section contains edgings worked top-down from the edge of the existing fabric to the end of the edging. The third section’s edgings are worked bottom-up, from the beginning of the edging to the fabric edge. In the fourth section, I’ve included miscellaneous edgings that don’t fit precisely into these categories. Experiment by applying different edgings to swatches you’ve made until you find a great match, keeping in mind that most edgings require a certain multiple of stitches for their pattern repeat, and you may need to adjust your base-fabric pattern accordingly.

CrochetEdging2To mix and match the edgings within a project, again take note of the multiple of stitches required for each pattern’s repeat. It’s simplest to mix and match patterns with same number of stitches in the repeat. If the required number of stitches is close but not exact, you can add or subtract to achieve the correct count in your first row of stitches (increase or decrease accordingly to ease into the correct stitch count). Generally speaking, if you are less than 10% off on the stitch count, you should be fine making minor adjustments to accommodate your desired edging patterns.

—Kristin Omdahl

Is your mind full of ideas and plans now as well? I want to edge a baby blanket, add lace to a woven stole, modify a short-sleeved crochet cardigan with a row of lace down the button-hole edge, oh yeah—and then there are the pillowcases I started this post thinking about.

Order your copy of The Finer Edge and crochet your own amazing trims and lace edgings!

Best wishes,

P.S. I’d love to hear your ideas. Share your favorite uses for crochet edgings in the comments.

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