Crochet Decor to Make Your House a Home

This diagonal crochet pillow is eye-catching crochet home decor.

Bold Diagonal Throw Pillow

What makes a house a home? Love, family, laughter—all of these things make your home a place you want to be, but how do you make a house your home? I think it’s by filling it with things you love and that represent you. For me, that’s crochet decor.

A crochet afghan warms a bedroom; crochet amigurumi make cuddly additions to a room; crochet pillows instantly brighten a room; and crochet holiday decorations celebrate the changing seasons. Crochet is part of who I am, and it marks my house as my home.

One of my favorite crochet designers, Tamara Kelly, has created an extraordinary book full of quick home crochet decor patterns that will look beautiful in your home. Here is Tamara to tell us more about her book.

This chevron crochet blanket is fabulous, perfect or home crochet decor.

Decor2Tot’s Best Toy Basket and Chevron Cuddles Blanket

Welcome Home

When watching your favorite TV show or movie, have you ever noticed a crocheted blanket slung over an easy chair, lying across the back of a couch, or folded at the end of the main character’s bed? That’s because crochet is the touch that makes a house a home. It shows that people live and love and cuddle and create in that space. Crocheted pieces add history and thoughtfulness to a room—and not just on screen!

This crochet jar cozy is elegant and beautiful.

Spa Jar Covers

In an era of mass-produced home décor, there’s something special about handmade items. Crochet can be the finishing touch that makes a room come together and elevates it to your own personal space! It can show off your sense of fun, your sense of style, and your fantastic crochet skills.

In Quick Crochet for the Home, I’ve gone room by room to design pieces that will work in the modern home and that work up as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy them ASAP. From the front door to the bedroom, each space in the house gets a few special projects. But they aren’t limited to just that space!

These crochet bookends are adorable.

Smart as a Fox Book Ends

Mix and move these pieces to where they work best for you. I also have some great suggestions for thinking outside the box for each pattern. Making the crochet patterns in this book is a way to personalize your home. Using your own color palette, you can create a look that’s all you, just for you and your family. Enjoy!

—Tamara Kelly

This faux cable crochet blanket works up quickly.

Faux Cabled Blanket

Add crochet to your home or create a fabulous quick house-warming gift with Tamara’s home décor book. Download or order your copy of Quick Crochet for the Home: 20 Fast Projects to Liven Up Every Room.

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P.S. What home crochet décor pieces make your house a home? Let us know in the comments.


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