Crochet Decor in Your Home

When someone walks into my house, they seem to somehow deduce, almost immediately, that I'm a crocheter. It might be the Moorish Mosaic afghan on the back of my couch, the colorful amigurumi, or the basket full of WIPs (works in progress).

Tangled Roots Pillow by Rohn Strong  

We know your home likely reflects your love of crochet as well, and we have a new magazine for you, full of fabulous crochet home decor patterns. Here is Crochet Home editor Marcy Smith to tell you a little bit more about this issue.

Welcome Home

One day, my son had some friends over to the house. Later he told me, "So they think all the crochet around the house is cool." I was both flattered and surprised. Crochet is so entwined in the texture of our home that it didn't really occur to me that maybe other people don't live this way. I got to looking around at the crochet items: a Moorish Mosaic Afghan on the couch; a granny afghan rescued from a Wyoming thrift store on the chair; crochet portraits on the wall; a raft of pillows all about; doilies on the wall; coasters on the table; even a Chain Reaction Afghan in progress. It's everywhere. And it's home.

  Spiral Coasters by Carol Ventura

We think every home should be infused with crochet-it warms a home in more ways than one. And teenagers think it's cool? Win. In this special issue of Interweave Crochet Home, you'll find crochet for every part of your home-from the entryway to the living room to the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study, and kids' rooms, even outdoors. Of course, you don't have to place these projects in the same rooms we did-we had a hard time, actually, confining projects to a particular room. That's why you'll find them arrayed in one big swath of photography at the front of the magazine. We shot the projects in the home of our editorial director, Karin Strom. Her home, the one she grew up in, is immediately welcoming. Just like yours.

Heart Throw by Lily Chin  

In the Mercantile section, you'll find some tools to help you match a project to your home's palette, as well as notions to help you pull it all together. In Everyday Crochet, Ilaria Chiaratti Bonomi-the stylist behind the blog IDA Interior LifeStyle-gives tips on incorporating crochet into your home.

Leaf through and find the projects that speak to your lifestyle. We can't wait to see how you enrich your own home with crochet.


Order or download your copy of Crochet Home today and add a little more crochet to your home.

  Jam Fest Trivets by Marcy Smith

Best wishes,


P.S. Afghans, baskets, pillows, and doilies, what crochet do you have in your home?


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