Crochet Cowls: The Perfect Winter Accessory

A cowl is the perfect winter accessory. If you want to keep your neck warm but not worry about the ends getting caught (like a scarf), a cowl is the way to go. They come in so many shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors, that you’re sure to find one that suits you. In order to help you find your perfect cowl, we’ve compiled a list of 7 cowls you can use to warm up, or even dress up, any outfit.

1. Riff Cowl

This electric-green wonder is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. Wear it long or wrap it around your neck for extra warmth.

crochet cowls

Riff Cowl CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

2. Swoopy Cowl

If you like post stitches, this is the cowl for you. Not only are they used to create a ribbing at the bottom, you’ll also find them throughout the body, forming a wavy pattern.

crochet cowls

Swoopy Cowl CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

3. Fable Cowl

Two-color Tunisian crochet—that’s what makes this cowl so awesome. Well, that and the fact that the stitches that are used make the pattern flow like the twists and turns in your favorite fairy tale.

crochet cowls

Fable Cowl CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

4. Blomma Cowl

Want to take a cowl from blah to bam? Use color! The Blomma Cowl mixes traditional winter colors with a colorwork pattern that simply pops!

crochet cowls

Blomma Cowl CREDIT: George Boe

5. Cumulus Cowl

Faux fur (affiliate link) and a killer clasp—when used separately, they’re nothing special, but when used together, ta-da! You have the crochet wonder that is the Cumulus Cowl.

crochet cowls

Cumulus Cowl CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

6. Color Block Cowl

Who doesn’t love a chunky cowl? If you’re a fan of the combination of chunky yarn (affiliate link) and cowls, this is the pattern for you. Make it in bright colors for those gray winter days.

crochet cowls

Color Block Cowl CREDIT: Jason Jenkins

7. Cocktails Cowl

If you’re looking for a way to fancy up your plain LBD, check out this pattern. You can double it around your neck for warmth, and then unfurl it to become the talk of your next party.

crochet cowls

Cocktails Cowl CREDIT: George Boe

There you have it—seven cowls of various shapes, sizes, yarns, and stitches. This just proves that there’s no reason your winter wardrobe has to be as gray as the days themselves. Check out our list and let us know which one you’ll make first!

Happy Stitching!

Featured Image: CREDIT: Frans Van Heerden/Pexels

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