Crochet Courses from an Expert? Yes, Please!

We’re excited to have two fantastic crochet courses from designer, teacher, and crocheter extraordinaire, Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby! Shannon is one half of the Shibaguyz, a duo whose photography, style, and designs are second to none.

Crochet Ribbing 7 Ways will walk you through creating different types of crocheted ribbing to suit your every need. Whether you need a super supportive ribbing or an extremely stretchy ribbing, there’s something here for every application. With expertise and humor, Shannon teaches that ribbing is not relegated to knitting, but can be both beautiful and functional when crocheted! The stitch patterns for all seven are included and downloadable.

Crochet Garment Design is for all the crocheters out there who want to learn to write patterns that people will understand and will want to make! Starting with fashion, fit, form, and function, Shannon will lead you through all of the important details involved in designing and making stylish garments. You will learn about schematics and math, as well as helpful ways to test your patterns as you go to make sure they are working out properly. Shannon also goes into the importance of swatching, blocking, and finishing, and why they matter. It’s important to know the difference between “homemade” and “handmade,” and Shannon’s experience will get you making the latter and avoiding the pitfalls of the former.

Crochet is a versatile and beautiful craft, and these two courses will help you take your skills to the next level. Take a look today and enjoy learning with one of the best designers in the business!

Happy crocheting!
Instructional Design Team

Take It to the Next Level, Crocheters!