Crochet Corner Wishes You a Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Interweave! Today we hope you are able to spend some quality time with your father, the father of your children, or any father figures in your life. Maybe you’ve even crocheted them something special. While we may not have learned our yarn crafts with our dads (the way some of us did with our moms), they nevertheless have had a huge influence on our lives as crafters. Here’s an ode to our dads from the Crochet Corner—maybe you and your dad can relate to some of these stories.

“When I moved to Colorado, my dad drove me across the country. One of my favorite memories from that trip is when we’d stop for gas and my dad would tell me, “You fill the tank. I’m going to do Tai Chi.” Then he’d go off into the grass and practice Tai Chi, completely lost in his own world. It takes a special person to tune out the bustle of a busy gas station and focus on nature and movement, creating calm within. And once we arrived in Colorado, he channeled that positive energy into music: we had a jam session on our instruments. He was the one who taught me, a classically trained cellist dependent on sheet music, to loosen up and improvise. He’d play a walking blues baseline and had me jam on top. To my rockin’ dad, who jams in all of the scarves, hats, and gloves that I crochet for him without complaint and who raised me to enjoy life, Happy Father’s Day!”

–Lisa Espinosa, Craft Books Editorial Coordinator

“I’m thankful for my crafty father—I mean, my father who crafts! Growing up, our home had lots of handmade projects on display, and if it was made by my dad, it generally involved wood. He turned out pencil holders and candle sticks on a lathe, and he drafted, cut, and assembled dressers, a storage cabinet, and jewelry boxes (I’ve used mine for 20 years now–thanks, Dad). The quirkiest thing I remember from my childhood in the 1970s was a giant end table he wove in macramé that had a 3-foot piece of plywood for a top. The whole thing was suspended from the ceiling, which was convenient when you wanted to twist the table around to grab something from the opposite side, but it swung out of control if you accidently bumped into it (which I did quite frequently as an active child). It may not have been super practical for a young family, but it looked cool. Anyway, a big thank you to my dad for showing me how beautiful a home can be when decorated with handmade furniture and accessories.”

–Dana Bincer, Associate Editor for Love of Crochet

“My dad is a scientist. You might hear him say that he’s not a very creative guy, BUT his curiosity, open-mindedness, willingness to always try something different, ability to think outside the box, persistence, patience, and attention to even the smallest detail have all rubbed off on me and made me the crafty crocheter I am today. And when it comes to supporting my hobby (and now my job), my dad is the absolute best. When I was in college, I spent my summers selling crochet crafts at a booth at the local farmer’s market. My dad would put on his big hat (to protect his head from the sun), wake up at the crack of dawn, help me load a tent and tables into his pickup truck, and spend all day hanging out with me in the hot sun. They were long, hard days, but my dad would go with me and help with the heavy lifting every week. I probably wouldn’t have my cool crafty job now if it weren’t for those summers of stitching, talking with people, and experimenting in crochet. I’m so grateful to my dad for his love, support, and all the lessons he has taught me.”

–Sara Dudek, Associate Editor for Interweave Crochet

Susanna Tobias, project editor for crochet, is a crochet machine (and our office yarn whisperer). She crochets through yarn fast, so her lucky dad has been the recipient of quite a few awesome crochet projects. She used this post as the perfect reason to call up her dad and chat with him a bit. When asked what his favorite crochet projects were, he said:

“Susanna made 3 pieces for me and they all are great. The first was a head warmer. It is wide enough to keep my ears, the sides of my head, and the back of my neck all the way to the collar of my coat warm. The second was a pair of slippers. She felted them, and they are so warm that they make my feet sweat even on cold, blustery days. Then there is a stocking hat to match the head warmer. When I pull it down over the head warmer, it provides a double layer of warmth for my ears on those especially cold, windy days.”

–Susanna’s dad, Tom

How about you, crafters? Tell us how your dad has influenced your crafting life in the comments below!

Lots of Father’s Day love (and crafts),
The Crochet Corner

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