Crochet Coloring Page

Crochet Coloring Page

Love of Crochet Spring 2016Did you see the Coloring page in Love of Crochet Spring 2016 issue? I am super excited about this page. Project Editor Susanna Tobias created this fabulous assembly diagram for the Twirly Rose Scarf. While it’s uber helpful as a diagram for stitching, it’s even more fun as a coloring page.

Why the fuss of a crochet coloring page?

Coloring books seem to be all the rage these days. That’s cool. But I’m particularly draw to the crochet coloring page in Love of Crochet Spring 2016 for several reasons:

  1. Crochet Coloring PageIt can be colored as a page.
  2. It can be colored in part for use in card making or other crafts (see example below).
  3. It can be used to help make yarn selection when making the Twirly Rose Scarf in other yarns or colors.
  4. It can be colored in realistic or whimsical designs.

Different Mediums for Crochet Coloring Page

I confess that I couldn’t wait to take the crochet coloring page home to play with. I was very curious how the page would look colored in different mediums. So I pulled out my  water color pencils, water color crayons, and alcohol based markers.

Coloring Mediums on Coloring Page from LOC Spr 16


All the flowers on the page are a blank canvas. After coloring with the pencils, crayons and markers, I went back with a pen and drew in lines to add additional flower shaping. The yellow daisy really did start out as a 5 petaled flower!

Whimsical Crochet Coloring Page

My first inclination was to color the flowers in a more realistic fashion. But just for fun I decided to color the flowers in a more whimsical fashion. Here’s what I’ve created so far.

Whimsical Crochet Coloring Page

Crochet Coloring Page Becomes Greeting Card

As a long time paper crafter, I immediately saw the potential of the crochet coloring page as an element to be used in a greeting card. The beauty of this design is that I only had to color one flower. I love how it pops off the page against a black and white printout of the page.

Crochet coloring page as greeting card

Twirly Rose Scarf Crochet Pattern

Twirly Rose Scarf made from crochet coloring page assembly diagram.

Again, after coloring the flower I went back with a pen to add dimension to the flower petals, center and leaves. I used dimensional tape to adhere the cut out colored flower above it’s black and white counter part.

Ready to color your own crochet coloring page? Pick up your copy of Love of Crochet, Spring 2016 to get started! And make your own Twirly Rose Scarf, too!

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