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Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons. — Albert “Al” Hirschfeld, caricaturist

If coloring makes me a child a heart, so be it! I have always been a great fan of coloring, and while I fell out of practice for a little while, the current coloring-book craze has brought it all back. If you too would like to get back into the practice of coloring, read on.

crochet coloring

The crochet staff here at Interweave has put together two crochet-inspired coloring books. The first book uses stitch diagrams for crochet motifs that have been modified to give you lines in which to color. Once the idea occurred to us, we set about exploring how these stitch diagrams could become a delightful coloring experience.

The second coloring book is based on crochet mandalas, which use design elements that go round and round in a meditative way. Some of the pages will translate to a crochet design, while others are a bit more fanciful and should be used for pure coloring relaxation. We felt that crochet and coloring, together with meditative mandalas, could create three times the relaxation in one piece, so that’s how we approached this book.

crochet coloring

Both books use actual stitch diagrams that were converted to colorable objects. As you work through these pages, we hope that you will relax and let the stress of the day fade away while you create colorful crochet motifs on paper. And, after you’re done, if these motifs inspire your next crochet project, so much the better! If you’re interested in the inspiration projects, make sure to check out the final pages of each book.

Whether you decide to use crayons, colored pencils, or markers, we want you to have a great time coloring in and around these crochet-stitches-turned-into-pictures. When you’re done, you can use these pages for so many things beyond project inspiration. If you’re into cardmaking or scrapbooking, cut out motifs for decorations on your cards or scrapbook pages. Or color several pages and hang them as a garland in front of your child’s window or over the bed.

No matter how you choose to enjoy these pages, let your imagination take you away while your hands busily color.

Enjoy, and happy coloring!


crochet coloring

Color Your Way to Calm


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