Crochet College

Do you ever wish you could major in crochet at college? Think about it. You could take classes like Sweater Design 101 and Afghans and Beyond. Homework assignments would be much more fun. Which would you rather do, crochet at hat or write a fifteen page paper?

While a bachelors or masters degree in crochet is not yet a possibility, I have found the next best thing. Craft Daily offers hours of crochet workshops from professional designers. You can access these videos any time of the day.

So which class should we take first?


The Crocheter's Toolbox

Teacher: Lily Chin

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make efficient swatches, how to use your crochet hook properly, and how to add trims, beads and buttons to your projects. I promise I'll slow down and demonstrate some of the best tips and tricks that every crocheter should have in their toolbox. This crochet workshop is based on one of my most popular crochet classes. You'll learn how to make your crochet effortless, and be able to tackle any project on your wishlist.


Top-Down Crochet Sweaters

Teacher: Doris Chan

In this workshop we'll learn how to crochet top-down seamless crochet sweaters, how and where to modify bust and hip shaping for the perfect fit, and how to use foundation single crochet and short row shaping to create a raglan sweater. I've tried in the video to assure everyone that making a top-down construction garment isn't rocket surgery. It may look intimidating because usually you'll go, find something you love, open the magazine and see that the pattern is 2 million words long and just say, "Oh my gosh, I can't do this." You probably have the skills you need to make that garment, just someone needs to show you how to do what you need to do and how it fits together.


Crochet Stitches for Afghans and Beyond

Teacher: Robyn Chachula

In this workshop we'll learn the basics of yarn selection, gauge and reading crochet symbols;  25 different stitch patterns; and how to join granny squares without sewing. We'll dive in to yarn choices, gauge, basic stitches, and how to reach crochet charts. I'll begin this workshop video with colorwork, a mosaic crochet, stranded and tapestry techniques, and you'll even learn how to embroider your projects to add touches of color after the fact.


Continue your crochet education with a subscription to Craft Daily and begin your first workshop today.

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P.S. What crochet college class would you create?

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