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For this first edition of Crochet Club, we targeted Interweave’s own neighborhood, beautiful Northern Colorado. The Crochet Guild of Northern Colorado is a chapter of the Crochet Guild of America. Guild President Jenny Brigham started this regional chapter last January. They will be celebrating their one-year anniversary at this month’s meeting!

We posed some questions to Jenny to get a feel for the kind of vibe that her group likes to nurture. Community, philanthropy, and fun is the bottom line.

Where do you meet on the regular, and how often?

We have one meeting each month, either on a Saturday or Sunday. We use the meeting rooms at the Poudre Library branches. At the meeting we discuss guild business, have show-and-tell (members can show off projects they’ve completed), and we sometimes have a lesson or workshop, and we always make time to just crochet and enjoy each others’ company.

In addition to the monthly meeting we have several informal get-togethers each month that we call Crochet & Chats. They’re usually on weeknight evenings at local restaurants, coffee shops, JoAnn stores, or the library. Crochet & Chats are just for crocheting and talking…and usually eating. There are about 20 people who attend on a regular basis. We have members at all skill levels.

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Life for the Innocent’s mission is to support the eradication of human trafficking.

Tell us a little bit about your philanthropic initiatives.

The lovey project that we did this past year was for an organization called Life for the Innocent. They assist those who have been affected by human trafficking. They care for hundreds of children in southeast Asia, taking care of them in foster homes until the children can be adopted. They were hoping to send a lovey to each child in their care. They didn’t reach their total goal, but they did collect 140 loveys. Our group made 110 of those.

We’re currently working on two charity projects. The first is making twiddle muffs for an adult day program in Loveland, CO called Stepping Stones. Twiddle muffs (also called other things such as sensory muffs or activity muffs) are used by patients with dementia to keep their hands busy. For some it’s very calming to have something to “twiddle.” They’re made using a variety of crochet stitches (textures) and yarns, and have little things attached – such as keys, buttons, and ribbons – for the patient to touch.

Our second project is making red, white, and blue lapghans for the veteran’s hospital in Cheyenne, WY. The hospice there gives each veteran a blanket and then later, when the veteran has passed, the family takes the blanket home with them.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of this group?

My favorite thing about this group is simply being able to get together with other crocheters. I couldn’t find a crocheter’s group in the Fort Collins area – the only groups I could find were knitters. Knitting and crocheting often get lumped together, but the skills are totally different so the discussions are totally different.

Knitters are always so nice, but it’s not possible to ask for advice on a project from someone who doesn’t do the same craft. Having a group of people to talk with about the craft, to learn from, and to get inspiration from has been wonderful. As we’ve gotten to know each other over the past year many friendships have formed. And from the charity projects we’ve done we’ve all learned things and have gotten to do things we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

We have a closed Facebook group for members and it is a very busy place. Members post photos of their WIPs and finished projects, ask questions, share free patterns, share information on yarn sales, confess about adding more yarn to their stash, and so much more.

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