Crochet Classes for the Busy Crocheter

I love learning new crochet stitches and techniques. Sometimes I simply grab a hook, yarn, and pattern, then spend hours of trial and error trying to teach myself. More often, I search for an expert. And while my busy schedule frequently means I can't travel to take a class, I love DVD workshops. Robyn Chachula joins us today to talk about her Crochet Me DVD Workshops, Design Your Own Crocheted Baby Sweater and Design Your Own Crocheted Hat, and the benefits of DVD classes. – Toni

Crochet Hat

I get emails all the time from crocheters who can't fly out to wherever a class I'm teaching a class. I understand that feeling well. After my daughter was born, I had to limit my traveling quite a bit, since finding sitters is extremely hard. I am a huge fan of classes myself; that must be the engineer-nerd in me because I can't get enough of learning new things. So for me, and many people, the answer is DVD classes, watching a bit here and there while my little one is playing.

In my baby sweater and hat DVD workshops, I include as much information as you would get in one of my classes. Actually, you get more, since I don't have to skip around, as I sometimes do in in class, due to time constraints. In every DVD, I approach the subject from beginning to end, like I'm creating a crocheted project along with you. We jump in with yarn choices and what yarn works best for your project, as well as some of my favorite yarns to crochet with.

We move on to stitch patterns that will work well in your project and not lead your project down the "sits in the back of the closet" road. Every workshop includes at least three stitch patterns that I walk through step by step with you. Then you can use them to design your own projects. We discuss style and construction. Is your hat going to be worked top down (so that you will be doing increases around the cap) or will you be making a baby pullover (thus also needing closures at the neckline or shoulder line to fit over a wee one's head)?

We step into Math Class in every workshop and break down, row by row, how to not only work out gauge but how to shape garments as well. We use tricks I have picked up and sketch out our shaping using crochet symbols that will break down all the scary math.

Last, we talk about finishing, whether that is adding ribbing, flowers, blocking, seaming, or zippers. The included worksheet walks you through the DVD with me, so you don't have to worry about missing any tip along the way. I try to ease you into every workshop slowly and help you with the challenging bits so your next project will be sensational, no matter what you are making.

My goal with these DVDs was to include as much information as possible so you could apply it to any project. A number of the tips in the baby sweater workshop can easily be applied to women's or men's garments. The tips in the hat workshop work for other accessories or toys. My ultimate goal is for everyone, even seasoned crocheters, to walk away having learned something new; just like I love to do when I take classes myself.

Happy crocheting,

Robyn Chachula

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