Replace Shabby with Crochet Chic on Lumpy Rug Day!

If you have an old rug that isn’t what it used to be, today is the day to send it on its way. That’s right, it’s Lumpy Rug Day: the holiday where you take a moment to appreciate the good rugs in your life and say goodbye to the bad.

While you’re celebrating Lumpy Rug Day, why not take your rugs to the next level of coziness and personalization? Break out your hooks and some super-sturdy yarn, and replace your worn floor coverings with fresh ones made by you.

Crocheting a new rug might sound like a huge undertaking, but it can be a fast and easy project. Tamara Kelly’s new book Quick Crochet for the Home offers two such rug patterns: one designed for the kitchen and another for the bath (although either could potentially work well in other areas of the home).

The “Chef’s Best Rug” features double crochet clusters that create a soft, almost puffy fabric, and feels great under your feet. The pattern calls for a durable acrylic yarn that is perfect for a rug in a high-traffic area. And cleaning is easy—just throw it in the washing machine for a little freshening up.

A cotton rug like “Step On In” is perfect for placing outside the shower or in front of the sink. Working in two strands of cotton yarn held together, you’ll create a rug that’s thick and squishy as well as absorbent. It’s simple to stitch, with only basic decreases and single and half double crochets. Choose whatever colors suit your style—the modern offset chevron pattern looks great with just about any décor.

So go ahead and stitch up some fun for your floors. Happy Lumpy Rug Day . . . and happy stitching!

—Maya Elson

Crochet Your Way to a Cozy Home


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