Crochet Cables Like You've Never Seen Before

The three crochet cable pillow patterns included with the workshop.

Post stitches are the most commonly used to create crochet cables. The 3-D texture created by these raised post stitches is definitely eye-catching, and these cables are relatively easy to create. I have crocheted several hats using post stitches, and I have my eye on a post-stitch cable sweater pattern by Robyn Chachula.

And Robyn is the perfect person to teach you how to crochet cables. She walks through the stitches slowly, repeating each step until you understand not only the technique but also how the stitches work together to create the final cable.

And Robyn will teach you not only the post stitch cable, but also how to create cable designs with chain stitches and even short rows. I’ve never used short rows to create crochet cable fabric. I can’t wait to try it!

Check out this short preview on how to create slip stitch cables.


Has Robyn pique your interest? Download your copy of Learn Crochet Cables: 3 Techniques for Cable Stitches with Robyn Chachula today and learn how to crochet three incredible crochet cables. Practice what you’ve learned on the three included crochet cable pillow patterns. Then use them to take your garments and accessories to the next level!
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