Crochet Buttons




Shopping for the right button can be a nightmare, if you are lucky you’ll find one that costs the earth.

With all the wonderful colours of yarn available it can be really difficult to find the perfect match. Sometimes you need a button that is the same colour you have crocheted with. These quick and easy buttons mean you dont have to hunt for one,because they are hand made you can decide to make them large or small.These buttons are tailor made by you.

Materials List

Crochet hook,
Darning needle (one with a large eye to thread the yarn through.

10g of yarn

Finished Size

Each button is hand madeby you therefore make them to your specfic needs.


Not necessary,


Stitches used double crochet, trebles .

When filling button ,really stuff it the buttons need to be firm.

The Pattern

A very quick and easy pattern to make beautiful individual handmade buttons, made from yarn.

Stitches used double crochet, trebles .Designer touches at a fraction of the cost.

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