Crochet Books that Gather No Dust

As I walk down the street or to my neighborhood coffee shop for a warm cup of hot chocolate, I am reminded how much digital has become a part of our lives with cell phones, tablets, iPads, and computers.  But I love the feel of a book or magazine in my hands-the feel of the paper and the excitement of turning the pages as I search for the pattern I am working on. I have a bookcase full of magazines and books that I turn to when I need a new project.

Here are a few of the books that rarely gather dust on my bookshelf:

  If you, like me, seem to collect small quantities of any particular yarn, whether it's a leftover skein or two from a finished project or that skein of luxury yarn you couldn't resist, Robyn Chachula's Simply Crochet must have a place in your library. With projects from scarves and hats to tops and jackets, Robyn will help you get the most out of your stash.  Not only are there fabulous projects for one, two, three, four, or five skeins of yarn, but helpful sidebars also give advice for crocheting on a budget. One of my favorite projects, the Linked Jacket, calls for only four balls of yarn (or six if you are making the 2XL size) 
  The gray days of winter inspire me to play with color. I agree with author and designer Kathy Merrick when she says, "I am a color junkie and a magpie. . . . I often buy a skein or two of some beautiful yarn without necessarily knowing what I might use it for. I rarely buy enough of one yarn at a time for a specific purpose, but I often buy several colors of the same yarn." I can relate! I have my own collection of single skeins in beautiful shades, so I turned to Kathy's book Crochet in Color for the perfect color project. The elegant Swirls Pillow will be my first Spring project.
  And last, but definitely not least, is Kristin Omdahl's Crochet So Fine. I am drawn to crochet projects made with fine yarns. Using a light-weight yarn can offset the bulkiness inherent in most crochet stitches. In this book, Kristin offers an amazing selection of projects including the intricate shawls she's known for as well as an impressive collection of lacy cardigans and tops. I love the River Tunic; it is a showstopper, and so is Kristin.

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