Crochet Bobble Variations

There are a variety of ways to create texture, but bobbles are fun. Using the crochet bobble to create letters, pictures, or fun geometric patterns is like crocheting with polka dots. But did you know that there are different kinds of bobbles? I love this fabulous article on bobbles from Love of Crochet Spring 2013. Here is an excerpt.

Crochet bobbles from Love of Crochet.Bobbles

Bobbles are an easy way to add texture to any project. They can add an element of fun along the edges of a child’s sweater or toddler’s blanket. They are also a wonderful way to outline a design or create geometric shapes. Bobbles are even an easy way to add letters or other designs to your crocheted pieces. The uses for bobbles are unlimited, and as one of the simplest crochet techniques, they inspire endless creativity.

We have found that the best base fabric to display your bobbles is a single crochet background. The tight dense fabric created by single crochet stitches works to not only enhance the bobble, but it also helps to lock the stitch into place, ensuring that your bobble will remain on the right side of the work.

However, if you would prefer to add bobbles to a double crochet background, simply create a larger bobble to make certain that it will stay in place. With so many uses for bobbles, it is not surprising that bobbles can be created in different shapes, textures, and sizes as well, making this stitch one of the most versatile in crochet.

Love of Crochet Spring 2013

Crochet bobbles from Love of Crochet

Left to right: 3-Stitch Bobble, 3-Stitch Bobble in Double Crochet, Nub

If you want to see the entire article, you can download a copy of Love of Crochet Spring 2013, now in the Crochet Me Shop!

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