Crochet, Beads, Sewing, and Cables: My Favorite Videos

Like many crocheters, my craft room is filled with not only crochet hooks and yarn but also fabric and sewing machines, beads and wire, a spinning wheel and fiber, and needles and knitting patterns. I would love to explore mixed media, though I'm not sure how talented I would be in that particular medium.

With my broad interests, I have a long list of videos in my Favorites. Here are a few of my suggestions from a variety of craft techniques.


Sewing Skirts Your Way

Paired with a simple pair of sandals, skirts are the perfect choice for a hot summer afternoon, and during the winter, tall boots make skirts warm and elegant. Sewing Skirts Your Way by Jil Cappuccio will teach you how to sew a variety of styles based on the basic a-line shape. You will learn how to make mitered corners, use color blocking, and add ruffle and pocket embellishments. Of course, once you have finished your skirt, feel free to add your own crocheted edgings or flower embellishments!


Crochet Corner, Basics and Beyond

If you love the Crochet Corner segment on Knitting Daily or want to watch those segments all in one place, you will love this workshop. Kristin Omdahl will teach you a range of crochet techniques and stitches, how to add texture and motifs to your projects, how to properly finish your pieces, and much more. You will find segments perfect for the beginning crocheter and information that experienced crocheters will appreciate adding to their toolbox.


Beads Bobbles and Jewels

As I am writing this, there are currently thirteen episodes of Beads Bobbles and Jewels available, new videos are frequently added to Craft Daily. Like most women, I do have a fondness for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, and creating them myself allows me to add more pieces to my wardrobe without breaking the bank. One episode I am looking forward to watching next is Episode 1613: Nostalgic, Vintage Jewelry. I love vintage jewelry.


Reversible Cables with Lily Chin

I am one of the many crocheters who also enjoys a bit of knitting. One of the aspects of knitting that I love is the texture that can be created with knitted cables. If you haven't knitted cables before, they are actually quite easy. Lily will walk you through the basics but also shows you how to create mock and reversible cable as well as looking at ribbed and brioche stitch.


Find workshop videos on many of your hobbies or learn a new skill with a subscription to Craft Daily. Sign up for Craft Daily today and get the most out of the beads, fabric, and yarn in your craft room!

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P.S. Which video would you watch first?


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