Crochet Beading on the Edge

In 2003 Midori Nishida was captivated by the traditional Turkish craft of oya (or decorative edgings) that she saw at the Turkish Embroideries Oya Exhibition. This encounter with the delicate edgings of Asia led to an amazing journey across Asia in search of the history and patterns of oya.

Beaded Crochet Edging  
Red Hot Peppers from The Beaded Edge 2  

In her new book, The Beaded Edge 2, Midori Nishida chronicles her expedition and provides an interesting peek into the history of oya as well as its current role in women's lives. She found many different types of oya, including the popular Tig oya, which is worked using a crochet hook.

Many oya edgings are simple representations of objects common to the creator. Fruits and vegetables such as cherries, oranges, peppers, and corn are beautifully re-created in miniature detail. Flowers are also extremely popular. Each different motif carries its own meaning and enables the women to share their feelings, from the popular rose that symbolizes infinite love and happiness to the Casanova's mustache that is a form of social satire and the red peppers that traditionally indicates irritation with a spouse (a silent warning that he is in trouble).

For The Beaded Edge 2, the 26 oya designs have been organized into four sections: Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter, Traditional, and For Beginners. And with the first design I was hooked. 

  Crochet Beaded Edging
   Clover from The Beaded Edge 2

This second edition of beaded crochet edgings offers a stunning assortment of embellishments for sweaters, children's clothing, tops, accessories, home decor, and more. Many of these designs can also be worn as stand-alone jewelry pieces.

I was especially fascinated by the Clover edging. Unlike many oyas I have seen, this pattern included a wide net pattern woven with beads, allowing you to create an edging as wide as you wish.

I'm headed to my closet now. It would be fun to embellish a skirt and a couple of T-shirts with an oya beaded crochet edging inspired by my mood.

Pre-order The Beaded Edge 2 today: embellish your wardrobe and let your crochet speak for you. 

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P.S. What would you like your crocheted oya to say?

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