Crochet Bags and Purses: 7 Free Crochet Bag Patterns


Is it really possible to have too many bags? We don’t think so, either. Here we have a wide array of crochet bags for everyday occasions—going to market, to your crochet meeting, to lunch with a friend. Our 6 Free Crochet Bag Patterns will help increase your bag stash as you decrease your yarn stash.

The Farmer’s Market Tote by Judith L. Swartz is a classic mesh market bag. This crochet tote bag has an extra-sturdy closed bottom to keep things secure, as well as a sturdy, long shoulder handle. It’s an easy-to-make bag that will serve many uses.

Handy Utility Cases by Judith L. Swartz keep your various electronic devices safe. It’s easy to modify to fit the size of your particular device. This is a great learning project for young crocheters. These projects are perfect stash-busters and will make great stocking-stuffers. The pattern includes directions for personalizing the bags with cross-stitch.

The Chevron Shoulder Bag by Grace Talcott is a fun bag for tweens. This bag features a great ripple stitch that is perfect for taking beginning crocheters to the next level. Just pull your favorite colors from your stash and start stitching!

The Slouchy Purse by Drew Emborsky goes to the office as easily as it goes to lunch. This crocheted purse is just right for a phone, notebook and a few other essentials. The ribbed-look stitch is sturdy and the slouch adds stylish dash. The short handle is great, but it’s easy to lengthen if you prefer.

The Larger Than Life Bag by Cecily Keim is a serious go-to-crochet-meeting bag. Showcase your favorite yarns in the motifs. A fabric lining and handle keeps the motifs from stretching out.

The Message in a Flower Bag by Jill Wright is a messenger bag made sturdy with felting. Unspun yarn is then used to needle-felt a design onto the flap. Make the pretty pansies shown or make up your own design.


The newest addition to this collection of free patterns is the Messenger Bag by Julie Armstrong Holetz. I love the circles of color in this funky felted bag. Squares of colors worked on the front of the messenger bag peek through embroidered circles on the front flap. This bag would be great in a variety of colors.


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