Crochet Applique as Needle Case and Scissor Case

Making a Crochet Applique.

Hooked! Crochet Applique BookThe book Hooked!: 40 Whimsical Crochet Motifs from Weird to Wonderful by Michelle, Cecile and Sylvie Delprat captured my attention and I began dreaming of all the things I could do with each crochet applique inside and people I could make them for.

My brother-in-law (and therefore my sister) is a fan of skulls. I have a girlfriend who loves mushrooms and hedgehogs. My mother loves flowers. I love sheep and owls. Each of these and more is a crochet applique found in the book! What’s a girl to do except crochet one of two of each!

My mind is spinning with the possibilities. Before I tell you of all that I have planned, check out the first thing I made.

Crochet Applique Becomes Needle Case and Scissor Case

The cover of the book makes me want to make party flags for my office with each crochet applique. But first I decided to turn them into something I can carry with me in my crochet to-go bag. I decided to turn the bird applique into a needle case and scissor case! Several of the shapes would work for this idea (i.e. hedgehog, heart and snail – just to name a few).Crochet Applique

Crochet Your Own Needle Case or Scissor Case

To begin, crochet the applique you want. For the USA audience, please note that the book is written in UK terms. There’s a handy chart in the back to  help convert the stitches. It was surprisingly easy to convert the terms. I made a sticky note with the conversion chart and moved it from page to page as I was crocheting appliques.

If you are going to use a crochet applique as a scissors case, you may need to add a round or two to the base shape so that it’s large enough to hold your scissors, which is what I did with the large bird. Crochet a pocket section by either making up a pattern or following instructions for a similar element (i.e. the wing of the bird is actually a leaf pattern from a different applique in the book).

Crochet Needle Case and Scissor Case

For the needle case, simply sew the base of the wing to the small bird leaving the top part unattached so it can be folded over for easy access to the needles.

For the scissors case, sew a crocheted triangle to the back side at the tail of the bird leaving the center unattached so the tip of the scissors can slide in. Crochet a chain to act as a locking loop that can secure around a button so the scissors won’t slide out of their case.

The crochet scissor case is so much fun to make and use I think I need to make one for all of my crafting friends!

Oh the Possibilities of a Crochet Applique

As I mentioned above, the cover of Hooked! makes me want to make decorative flags. But when I opened the book, I was inspired to make so much more! The first 1/2 of the book has page after page of fun and whimsical ways to use crochet appliques. Ideas include: a vase of flowers, a heart shaped pin cushion, Christmas garland, pin on a sweater, a sheep mobile, and even a fairy wand.

So many possibilities! Really, the book is just a jumping off point. It provides simple to follow instructions for making fabulous crochet appliques. It’s up to us to use them in as many ways as we can dream up. I saw the birds and instantly wanted to make a scissors case. The sheep make me want to make coasters. The cherries and strawberries make me want to decorate pot holders!

What about you? What will you make with a crochet applique? Pick up your copy of Hooked! to get started.



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