Crochet Amigurumi Design Tips

Crochet amigurumi comes in all shapes and sizes. Truly the possibilities are endless. You can crochet scary monsters, creepy creations, loveable animals, fantastical beings, dolls, or any combination you can imagine. And there is a crochet technique to help you create every 3-D effect of your amigurumi.

Jackson the Jackelope (pattern included with workshop)  

Brenda K.B. Anderson is an expert at creating amigurumi with attitude. In her new video workshop, Brenda will teach how to create the basic pieces and shapes of amigurumi, how to properly stuff your creations, how to work your amigurumi in one piece or many pieces, how to seam pieces together, how to create a variety of eye styles, and so much more.

With Jackson the Jackalope, I loved the way she worked from the torso into the pants in one piece and still creates the illusion that the pants are pulled on over the legs. Here are a couple more of my favorite tips from Brenda.

Eye Colors

Working your pupil in a darker color and surrounding the pupil in a lighter colored yarn, will make your eye immediately recognizable. Look in the mirror at your own eyes. A dark pupil surrounded by a lighter iris is how we are taught to identify eyes. That doesn't mean you can't deviate from this guideline. If you are creating a creepy creation or want to add a disturbing element to your amigurumi, play with transposing the dark and light colors.

Warm Versus Cool Colors

Warm colors advance while cool colors recede. This means that elements of your amigurumi will tend to draw attention. This can be used to your advantage when you are designing your creations facial features. Crocheting or embroidering warm pink or red lips will draw the eye to the mouth; lining a pair of ears with pink will make them stand out.


Contrast can have the same affect, drawing your eye to a specific element of your amigurumi, even if both colors creating the contrast are cool colors. If you are unsure what colors you want to work with, try cutting the out of felt or construction paper.

There is so much more. Take your crochet amigurumi to the next level and learn hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques for designing and crocheting your own unique creations. Order 3D Crochet: Amigurumi, Accessories, and Cutest Creatures today!

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