Crochet-Along: Boulder Bolero by Doris Chan

Have you tabbed your issue of the Fall 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet to "OMGMUSTMAKE" the Boulder Bolero by Doris Chan? Well, let's do it! We're having a crochet-along for this sweater, so we can offer support as you crochet those delectable post-stitch cables and work that clever short-row neckline.

(What? You don't have your issue yet? You can order a copy or download the digital issue. You'll have lots of pages tabbed pretty quickly!)


Crocheted Bolero

The Boulder Bolero is a cropped cardigan worked in the super-crochet-friendly Cascade Venezia Sport. A deep cable defines the raglan shaping of the top-down sweater. Long sleeves balance the crop elegantly. The cables meet charmingly under the arm. Doris designed this to be a close-fitting crop and sized it in a 20" range in 2-inch increments. You can allow for more looseness, but it's very flattering with a bit of negative ease. Crocheted buttons give a fine finish to the sweater.




I'd like to share with you my pattern prep method that keeps me off the fast road to Crazytown. Start by photocopying the pattern. For digital issue, print it out first. If you're on the iPad and have one of those nifty reader Apps, you probably don't need my Luddite ways, so just carry on and crochet.

Here's what you'll need: big index cards, scissors, glue stick, tape, and highlighter.



Cut out all the prep matter: The materials, Stitch Guide, and notes, and set them aside with the stitch diagrams.
Go through the pattern and X out all the parts of the pattern that don't pertain to your size (of course, don't do this until you determine what size you're making! More about this in the CAL forum.)
Cut out the columns and tape them into one long strip, leaving out the X'd out parts. Do this one column at a time, so you don't get things all mixed up.
Glue the Stitch Guide and stitch diagrams to a single card. Don't glue any part of the pattern to the back of this. You'll want it to be free-range so you can have it handy.
After the pattern is taped to the card, highlight the numbers that match your size.
Number the index cards. If you have glued the pattern to both sides of a card, letter each side
(so 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, etc.)
Glue all the front matter stuff to a card, along with the schematic and detail shots (you can also glue detail shots to the pattern cards if you have space.)

In addition to keeping you organized, these cards fit neatly into a project bag or pattern holder—and you can put your magazine on the shelf until you pull it out to crochet the next project!

Come join us in the Crochet-Along! See you there!


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