Crochet Accessories for the Summer

Crochet accessories– crochet hats, crochet shawls, and crochet scarves–summer is here and you may be putting away your crochet accessories. But you don’t have to! Don’t let warm weather keep you from showing off your crochet. Interweave Crochet Summer 2019 has a gorgeous collection of crochet accessories that are perfect for summer.

Crochet Accessories

Goldenrod Wrap, Gentian Hat, Plumeria Shawl, Pink Lemonade Cowl, and Columbine Scarf.

Now you obviously don’t want to pull out your worsted weight wool, cable stitch hat or scarf. So what should you look for in a good summer accessory? There are a few tips to keep in mind when you are crocheting accessories for summer wear.

Crochet Stitch Pattern

It’s all about the crochet lace! Filet crochet, pineapple stitch, flower motifs, there are an almost infinite number of crochet lace stitches to choose from. But if you are going to make crochet accessories to wear in the summer heat, you need to choose a fabric that allows for air movement.

crochet accessories

The Gentian Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson uses an openwork crochet lace to create a cool and breezy summer beanie.

The Gentian Hat by Brenda K. B. Anderson uses chains and double crochet stitches to create a leafy pattern that is designed specifically to allow a summer breeze to cool you off regardless of the temperature. Don’t be afraid of crochet hats in the summer. Simply choose a crochet lace fabric that will help you keep cool.

Yarn Choice

The second tip to keep in mind when choose a summer crochet pattern is yarn choice. Cotton, linen, and cotton blend yarns are always great choices. The Pink Lemonade Cowl by Toni Lipsey combines a smooth cotton yarn with a simple crochet lace fabric to create a crochet cowl that is gorgeous with a summer dress or skirt.

crochet accessories

Using a lightweight yarn is the perfect choice for summer crochet accessories.

Another thing to look for is a lightweight yarn. You can use a cotton, linen, or even a superwash wool if you look for a fingering, sock, or sport-weight yarn. The Columbine Scarf by Jo Janes uses a superwash wool and silk blend yarn, but it combats the warmth of the yarn with the lace fabric and fingering weight of the yarn.


The final tip for wearing summer crochet accessories is what choosing to wear them with. Crochet scarves and hats don’t have to be paired with coats and long sleeved shirts. Pair your crochet beanie with a t-shirt and overalls, your crochet shawl with a summer dress, or your crochet scarf with a tank top and shorts. Have fun wearing your crochet!

This summer, don’t pack up your crochet accessories; create crochet accessories that are ideal for summer. Download Interweave Crochet Summer 2019 today and check out more great summer crochet patterns.

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