Crochet Accessories and Your Yarn

The perfect yarn makes the ideal crochet accessory. Whether you fall in love with a pattern and then go searching for that perfect yarn or find a yarn you are just dying to work with and then try to find the pattern that will highlight it, the yarn is an integral part of any piece.

Here is a little information to think about when choosing a yarn for your next project.


Merino and Alpaca

Animal fibers are perfect for warm weather accessories like hats, scarves, and shawls. Some of the most commonly used animal fibers are wool, alpaca, and mohair, though buffalo and musk ox are amazing to work with and create luxurious finished pieces.

The most commonly crocheted accessories are hats, and the majority of crochet hats are created to keep you warm. Whether I'm are braving a winter blizzard or looking for the perfect accessory to pair with a spring jacket, I love a soft wool hat. For just a touch of warmth try pairing your wool or alpaca yarn with a lace pattern like the Saturday Beret.

Saturday Beret by Ellen Gormley    

Cotton and Linen

Two of the most common plant fiber yarns are cotton and linen. I love the stitch definition you can achieve with a tightly twisted plant yarn. Cotton yarns don't have the elasticity of animal fiber yarns, but they are beautifully sturdy and easy to care for. This makes them perfect for jewelry, bags, belts, and cozies. I love the Retro/Modern Tablet Cozy. Cotton is also great for warm weather garments, just remember that the finished fabric can grow and does not have as much elasticity as most animal fibers. Linen is also a great choice for warm weather garments.

Retro/Modern Tablet Cozy by Faith Hale    

Hiking Socks by Kim Kotary



Acrylic and acrylic blend yarns are great for almost any project. They are warm, elastic, and easy to care for. If you are substituting with acrylic yarn, make sure it has the same characteristics as the yarn you are substituting. Acrylic yarn, however, will not felt and can be warmer than cotton or linen.

Find the perfect crochet accessory pattern for your yarn and download your copy of Clever Crocheted Accessories by Brett Bara today.

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P.S. What is the yarn fiber you turn to when crocheting accessories?

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