Crochet a Snowflake in a Hurry

I needed a super-quick package-topper. I mean, quick.

So I rummaged though my stash of yarn bits and found a little flower.

(I know, right? Who has a little flower in their stash? I bet you do)

Anyway, I would show you a picture of the little flower, but before I knew it, I had crocheted another round and, voila, I had a snowflake:

Need a snowflake right quick? Here's how.

Find a flower in your stash.

If you don't have a flower, do this: ch 2. In 2nd ch from hook, work (sc, ch 5) five times, join with sl st in 1st sc. Break off yarn. My little flower was worked in Trendsetter Dune , but really any yarn would work well here. You can just do the first round in the same yarn as the second round.

For the transforming round: Pick a blingy yarn from your stash. My round is worked with Berroca Lumina, which I find very nice to have around the house during the holidays, much like you keep Toll House cookies around in case guests drop in.

(To do the transformation, you need to know how to do a picot. Here's how: chain the right number of chains, then work a slip stitch in the first chain. That is all.)

Join with a sl st in any ch-5 sp of the little flower. Work (sc, ch-3 picot, sc, ch-5 picot, sc, ch-3 picot, sc) in each ch-5 sp. Join with sl st to first sc. Cut, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through point leading to ch-5 picot.  Tie a knot. Tie to a package, hand on a banister, tree or mantel. 

Go have a cookie.



(If you have some quick decoration ideas, let us know. Time is short. Crochet is fast.)

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