Creepy Never Looked So Cute

They sit there innocuously–a couple skeins of yarn, a crochet hook, and a yarn needle. Will they become something useful, something unusual, something cute, or something creepy? All they need is the perfect pattern and a dash of inspiration.

Big Mouth Coin Purse  

Creepy Never Looked So Cute

There's something magical about taking a piece of string and one simple hook and creating something that has a personality. Sometimes, this means making a sweater or hat with just the right combination of stitch pattern and yarn that evokes a certain feel. For this book, however, I took it a step further. I wanted to create projects that made me want to hug them as I finished them. I realized that if I made a whole book of fuzzy ducklings, puppies, and babies I would probably die of cuteness overload, so I opted to steer clear of the mainstream. Instead, I set my sights on a world of evil robots, angry plants, and fanged bunnies. (They need hugs, too!)

  Sasquatch Slippers and Mittens

Inside you'll find a menagerie of amigurumi softies, critter-themed accessories, and unusual gifts for creature-lovers of all ages.

The next time you look at a skein of yarn, I hope that you see the monster trapped inside, waiting for you to let it out.

–Brenda K. B. Anderson

I am in love with the Sasquatch Slippers and Mittens. This slipper and mitten combo is the perfect combination of scary and huggable. And best of all, the pattern is sized for babies, toddlers, children, women, and men. That means I am making a pair for niece and a pair for myself.

A Zombie Named Skip  

What magical and creepy creation will transform your skeins of yarn? Pre-order Beastly Crochet: 23 Critters to Wear and Love today and find inspiration and the perfect patterns for your yarn.

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P.S. Do you prefer cute or creepy crochet?

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