Creepy and Cute Halloween Crochet

Are you ready for Halloween crochet? Witches, ghosts, goblins, spiders, hopelessly tangled yarn,there are lots of things that scare me. But Halloween is the perfect holiday to celebrate the cute and the creepy. Whether you are looking for the perfect crochet Halloween decor to get your house in the holiday spirit, a quirky and warm monster hat for a kid in your life, or a little bit of creepy crochet fun for yourself, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Halloween crochet patterns.

Halloween Home Décor

Decorating your house for the holidays is fun! And from cute monster creations to cuddly spiders, crocheting Halloween decor is the perfect way to decorate for this holiday full of spookiness and sugar. These Halloween crochet pieces are so much fun, you will want to leave them out year round. Imagine curling up on the couch with Webster Witch to watch Hocus Pocus–or insert your own favorite Halloween flick.

Halloween Crochet for Kids

Do you need to whip up something quick for a child in you life for Halloween? A crochet hat is the perfect choice. These crochet hats are an easy bit of Halloween fun for festivities around town, and little ones love the brightness of a pumpkin, their favorite dinosaur, or a crazy monster on their head long after the candy has been consumed. I am especially in love with the warmth that these crochet hats would add to a costume. When I was a child, I remember pulling my costume on over my snowpants and trudging through waist-deep drifts. Even if you don’t have to fight feet of snow, these crochet Halloween hats are a fun choice.

Halloween Crochet for Adults

Don’t let the kids have all the Halloween crochet fun! Many of our Halloween patterns can work for the fun-focused grownups, too. You’ll rock that trip to the door each time the doorbell rings and impress the little trick or treaters’ parents.

You still have time. Grab your crochet hook, dust the cobwebs off some bright yarn (watch out for spiders), be courageous, and crochet something creepy and cool for Halloween this year.

Happy crocheting,

Crochet Halloween fun with these patterns!

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