Creating the Crocodile Stitch


Seafoam Shawl, Kimberly K.


Crochet shawls are the ultimate universal-wear garment—one size fits all! They are the perfect accessory for everything from blue jeans to evening wear, and shawls present a great opportunity to learn a new stitch or technique.

Esther Shawl, Lana Holden

The simple Seafoam Shawl is perfect for a beginning crocheter's first foray into lace or to whip up for a quick gift, and the Lucille Shawl is a gorgeous example of joining motifs as you go. Or try the Esther Shawl that uses a brilliant two-row repeat to create a web of delicate floral blossoms.

Icarus Shawl, Tracey McCorkle

The crocheted shawl that has garnered the most interest recently is the Icarus Shawl by Tracey McCorkle. This magical shawl is inspired by Faroese designs and the wings of an ancient bird. The "feathers" that run down the middle of the intricate shawl are created using the crocodile stitch.

I have been watching the crocodile stitch's recent rise to fame. This stitch is the perfect 3D technique to imitate feathers or scales, and while it can be incorporated into complicated crochet patterns, the basic stitch is quite simple. Let's look at how the stitch is created.


The crocodile stitch is worked into a base of V-stitches. I worked several V-stitches on a base of double crochet and separated by single crochet stitches.

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On the next row, work a multiple of double crochet stitches down the first post of the V-stitch. For my "scales," I worked five double crochet.

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After you have worked down the first post of the V-stitch, chain one. Now work the same number of double crochets, in our case five, up the second post of the V-stitch. Single crochet in the next single crochet and repeat the crocodile stitch in the next V-stitch.

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On the next row, work a V-stitch in each V-stitch and a single crochet in each single crochet across. Then repeat the crocodile stitch in each new V-stitch. Voila! The crocodile stitch is demystified. I can't wait to use it in a project.

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Lucille Shawl, Jill Wright

Whether you are drawn to lace borders, geometric motifs, simple blossoms, or the intriguing crocodile stitch, shawls are a great idea for any occasion.

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