Creating Custom Gloves

Winter's cold temperatures have left me evaluating my winter accessories. While I could always use more hats (they are just so fashionable), I realized I need a couple of cute pairs of crochet gloves. Something that is light enough to allow me the dexterity to drive or scrape my windshield but warm enough to keep my fingers from freezing.

Crochet Gloves  
Crochet Gloves by Karen Ratto-Whooley  

I am debating the options of modifying a gorgeous pair of mitts into a stunning pair of gloves or designing and crocheting my own custom gloves. For both options, I turned to an Interweave Crochet article by Karen Ratto-Whooley's. Let me share a brief excerpt with you.

Customizing Gloves

Crocheting gloves may seem intimidating. Having all those extra pieces to cover fingers makes gloves seem complicated. Actually the construction is very simple.

What You Need to Measure

  • To crochet custom gloves, you will need the following measurements.
  • Wrist circumference
  • Palm circumference
  • Distance from wrist to base of thumb
  • Distance from base of thumb to top of palm (base of fingers)
  • Length of each finger (four measurements)
  • Thumb length
  • Stitch and row gauge of your yarn in the round.
  Cabled Crochet Mitts
  One  for All Family of Mitts by Doris Chan

Calculate Gauge

To calculate the gauge properly, work the pattern in the round; gauge varies greatly working in the round versus working back and forth in rows. Use a hook smaller than recommended on the label to create a dense fabric.

To make a gauge swatch, chain 24. Join with a slip stitch to form a ring. Crochet the main pattern for 20 rows. Measure the circumference of the swatch. Divide the measurement by  the number of stitches in each round. This will give you the number of stitches per inch. If you have fewer stitches than the pattern call for, use a smaller hook; if you have more stitches than the pattern calls for, use a larger hook.

-Karen Ratto-Whooley, Interweave Crochet Spring 2013

Crochet Mittens  
Raspberry Mitts by Sarah Cleary  

Karen also walks you through the math of determining the correct number of stitches for the cuff, palm, thumb, and fingers of your customize gloves plus offers tips for creating the perfect fit and how to work each piece of the glove.

This is just one of the incredible in-depth how-to articles I have saved from Interweave Crochet over the years. I have learned how to translate a pullover into a cardigan or a cardigan design into a pullover; I have a basic understanding of sock construction and know how to crochet custom socks to fit my feet.

You will also find a wide variety of fashion-forward garment, accessory, and home decor patterns. Subscribe to Interweave Crochet today and discover the cutting-edge how-to articles, tips, and patterns for yourself.

  Crochet Mitts
  Cabled Mitts by Linda Permann

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P.S. What technique or design would you like to see highlighted in a future issue of Interweave Crochet?

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