Creating Crocheted Corkscrew Fringe

The main body of the crocheted scarf is finished, but you want to add that extra flair, a bit of attitude. Have you ever tried adding corkscrew fringe? This embellishment is quick, easy, and brings a smile to almost anyone's face. And I haven't met a person who could resist stretching the corkscrews out and watching them spring back into place.

Corkscrews are created by working multiple stitches into a chain, overloading it and causing it to curl. To work a corkscrew, join your yarn in the edge of your project. Chain the desired number of chains—anything from 20 to 30 works great in a DK yarn, but you can play with creating longer or shorter corkscrews. Double crochet in the third chain from the hook; then work three double crochet in each chain to the last three chain. Half double crochet in the next chain, followed by a single crochet in the next chain, and a slip stitch in the last chain. The decreasing size of the last three stitches will create the "tip" of the corkscrew. Fasten off, and you're finished.

You will see that chain has a decided tendency to twist. If you want to add more twist, simply curl the corkscrew with your fingers to increase the spiral affect. Try adding corkscrews to scarves, afghans, or hats. And check out the Zigzag Scarf and more free scarf patterns in 8 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns: Crochet Scarves with Crochet Me.

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