Create Your Own Irish Crochet Story

Hundreds of individual flowers, leaves, shamrocks, grapes, and other motifs delicately connected by a series of tiny knots and chains. I have always loved and been fascinated by the beauty of Irish crochet. Historically this technique has been used to create collars, blouses, and even entire dresses. Many of these pieces are still on display in museums around the world.

Clones Lace Shawl  

For years I admired these gorgeous pieces of crochet history. I wanted to make my own pieces, but I didn't know how. Worried that this technique would be lost, designers like Maire Treanor have begun sharing the Irish crochet stitches and motifs in magazines, books, and video workshops. Here is a short excerpt from our newest eBook Interweave Crochet Presents a Step-By-Step Guide to Clones Lace with 12 Irish Crochet Motif Patterns.

Crochet Your Own Clones Story

Clones lace, a kind of Irish crochet, was inspired by Venetian needlepoint lace during the Great Irish Famine of 1846-1850. The story of Clones lace is one of women and girls who found creativity in nature, which they re-created in this beautiful, fine-crochet lace, even though they lived in the midst of starvation and disease. Crocheting gave them hope and independence. Most became the main wage earners in their families, and many saved their crochet money to buy a ticket to the New World.

  Wild Irish Rose

Although Clones lace was inspired by fine and exquisite needlepoint lace, the crocheted lace is much faster. A collar that took six hundred hours to make with a sewing needle could be crocheted using extremely fine thread in sixty hours, with the work toward the final motif being shared between groups of neighbors. Today, the most popular Irish crochet is Irish crochet flowers, in thread that is thicker than that used by the crocheters of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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This newest eBook provides insightful information into the history of Clones lace and Irish crochet, from its inception to its modern uses. You will also find twelve Clones lace motifs. Follow the detailed instructions and stitch diagrams to create stacks of motifs; then use the Clones knot to join them to create the provided shawl pattern or a design of your own creation.

Vine Leaves  

Order your copy of Interweave Crochet Presents a Step-By-Step Guide to Clones Lace today and download this eBook to create your own Irish crochet projects. For more information about Clones lace, download Maire Treanor's workshop video, Interweave Crochet Workshop: Irish Crochet and Clones Lace with Maire Treanor.

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