Create Your Own Crochet Wings

Crocodile stitch, shells, and a gorgeous superwash wool yarn. Yes, I am in love with the Icarus Shawl by Tracey McCorkle.  The combination of lacy openwork stitches, light-weight yarn, and 3-D techniques  creates a shawl that is reminiscent of the wings of a great bird.


This magical shawl is inspired by Faroese designs and the wings of an ancient bird. The "feathers" that run down the middle of the intricate shawl are created using the crocodile stitch. Shell stitches fanned across the bottom tip mimic tail feathers, and short rows of shells along the sides create the tips of the wing feathers.

The unique feather inspired design is like the intricate feathered wings Icarus donned to escape from Crete in Greek mythology. Detailed stitch diagrams and an in-depth written pattern will prevent you from "flying to close to the sun" and ensure you are able to finish and wear this gorgeous crocheted shawl to your next special occasion.

We still have a limited number of our special Icarus Shawl kits. Each comes complete with the digital pattern and 1500 yards of Legacy Lace yarn in your choice of Deep Plum, Electric Violet, or Golden Sunrise. That's plenty of yardage to finish your shawl.


And if you are looking for a gift for a fellow crocheter, this kit is an excellent option. Shawls are the ultimate "one size fits all" accessory. The Icarus Shawl kit includes everything you need to crochet the shawl, with the exception of the crochet hook. And the recipient will enjoy the opportunity to learn new techniques and the enjoyment of watching the various lace patterns combine to create this stunning design, so evocative of wings in flight.

Start crocheting your Icarus Shawl today for the perfect holiday gift or a gorgeous accessory for your own closet.

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P.S. Do you crochet shawls? Why do you love them?

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