Create Your Own Chain Reaction Afghan

Do you love the look of lace, colorwork, Tunisian, cables, or unique crochet construction? There is something for everyone to love with the Chain Reaction Afghan! This crochet afghan is the perfect opportunity to learn a new stitch or technique.

Chain Reaction Afghan  

The Chain Reaction Afghan was designed as a virtual community blanket with squares designed by professional crochet designers as well as unique squares chosen by you from amateur design submissions. Like charity afghans of hundreds of years ago, this design allows a group of each work an individual square. It is also a beautiful way to use your yarn stash.

Interweave Crochet Editor Marcy Smith visited Crochet Corner host Kristin Omdahl on the set of Knitting Daily TV to discuss how to work individual squares as well as tips for creating your own unique afghan. The show you how to work tapestry crochet in rows, post stitches, and Tunisian crochet cables as well as unique constructions such as the weaving technique used for the Over Under Square.

  Picture Frame by Lisa Naskrent

This afghan is created using five colors including red, purple, sage, orange, and white. But you don't have to use the same colors. Kristin and Marcy discuss how to choose the best colors to highlight the square designs. Patterns such as Snow at Midnight and Picture Frame depend on contrasting colors to create their design.

Snow at Midnight by Marion Braum  

One of my favorite parts of this workshop is Marcy's examples of how different square combinations can create a multitude of different afghan designs. You don't have to use all twenty squares like the original Chain Reaction Afghan, and you certainly don't have to place them in the same order. Marcy suggests a variety of ways to combine two, three, or four square designs to create your own afghan, many of them based on classic quilting designs.

  Over Under Square by D. Jacob Wildstrom

Join Kristin Omdahl and Marcy Smith in Chain Reaction Afghan on You can subscribe month to month or for an entire year. Subscribe today and check out this workshop as well as more by Robyn Chachula, Lily Chin, and Kristin Omdahl.

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