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Roy Crocheted Amigurumi .
Roy the Gardener

Several months ago I made a new crocheted friend. (Yes, I did just write crocheted friend, not crochet friend.) And I would like to introduce him to you. Meet Roy the Gardener. He has beautiful green eyes, large white teeth, two green horns, and a propensity for wearing blue overalls. We share a love of gardening and going barefoot year round. Although he’s not much of a talker, his company brought a smile to my face as I worked on the Crochet Me 2012 Amigurumi calendar.


For our Crochet Me 2012 calendar, we asked you to submit your original amigurumi designs. It was tough to narrow down the entries, but thirteen were chosen and photographed in fantastical locales for the upcoming calendar.

. Crocheted Amigurumi Monkey
Ayo & Kiki the Monkeys

When these thirteen amigurumi first arrived in our office several months ago, I had no idea how attached I would become to each tiny crocheted creature. Ellie the Giraffe, below, has taken up residence next to a miniature orange tree on my desk, and Kiki and Ayo, the mischievous monkeys shown above, are always popping up someplace new around the office. Each amigurumi has a story to tell, and those stories have evolved as my coworkers have added to each amigurumi’s tale.


I know that eventually the original calendar amigurumi will take the long trip home to their creators, but I’m not worried about being lonely— I’m already beginning to crochet a collection of my own. I have half a skein of bright yellow yarn that will soon be crocheted into my own Ellie the Giraffe. And Pucker the Goldfish will follow soon after.

Crocheted Amigurumi Giraffe .
Ellie the Girraffe

You can create your own amigurumi collection from the calendar projects. All thirteen of the 2012 calendar amigurumi patterns are now available in their own downloadable eBook. Many of the patterns are perfect easy projects for beginner crocheters, and their small stature makes many of these amigurumi perfect stash-busting projects. And while amigurumi make perfect toys or gifts for children and babies, there are just as many adults who can boast their own collections.


It's not too early to order the 2012 Crochet Me Amigurumi calendar. This adorable calendar includes a unique amigurmi image for each month that will bring a smile to both crocheter’s and non-crocheter's faces. And don’t forget to download all thirteen of the patterns in the Crochet Me Presents 2012 Amigurumi Calendar Projects eBook so you can begin creating your own amigurumi collection today.

Best wishes,

Toni Rexroat

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