Create Unexpected Afghans

Traditionally crochet has been a favorite craft of choice for fiber enthusiasts who want to create stunning blankets and afghans. The height of many crochet stitches make crochet afghans and baby blankets quick projects-when compared to other methods such as knitting. And crochet designers are constantly creating innovative new stitch patterns, from warm dense cables to lacy motifs. 


If you have never crocheted an afghan or want to take your afghan crocheting to the next level, I would highly recommend Robyn Chachula's latest video workshop, Unexpected Crochet Stitches for Afghans & Beyond with Robyn Chachula.  She will walk you through reading stitch diagrams, crochet cable afghans, Tunisian crochet afghans, lace and motif afghans, color choice, and striped afghans that create more than just rows of color.

But the first step is always the most important. So Robyn includes wonderful information on yarn choice.

She says:

"Ask yourself:

  Learn to create crochet cables. (Croises Cable Afghan by Annie Modesitt, pattern in Unexpected Afghans Book)

Does it give you the drape you want?

How do you care for the fabric?

Will it drape naturally (like a silk blend) or be naturally elastic (like a merino wool) or be naturally stiff (like an acrylic); and what do you want to do with it? Meaning do you or do you not want to block.

How does it wear? Does the fuzzy haze of fiber add to its look?

Every yarn should have a swatch made to test washability and stitch pattern."

Learn to create interesting stripes by combining techniques. (Van Gogh Waves by Kim Guzman, pattern in Unexpected Afghans Book)   

I would add yarn cost. Robyn points out that there are many nice and affordable acrylic yarns on the market that make great afghans, so don't let that keep you from trying that exquisite colorwork afghan you fell in love with.

And there are plenty of beautiful designs to fall in love with. Robyn will teach you how to create several different colorwork fabrics, different cables, and more. Also included is a great "mini-dictionary" of stitch patterns to help you design your own afghan and two afghan patterns designed by Robyn.

Order Robyn Chachula's newest video workshop, Unexpected Crochet Stitches for Afghans & Beyond, today and take your crocheted afghans to the next level. Or download the workshop and get started today.

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P.S. Do you have a favorite crochet afghan? 


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