How to Create a Trendy Pom-Tassel!

The pom-pom never seems to lose it’s cache, and tassels are so trendy right now! They’re both great on their own, but you can combine a pom-pom and a tassel into a pom-tassel and use it to accessorize a range of crochet projects or turn it into a fun keychain or cute earrings! Follow along with this tutorial to make this hip yarn accessory.

You Will Need

-2.5” cardboard square (or pom-pom maker)
-6” long piece of cardboard (or tassel maker)
-Sharp scissors
-Yarn needle
-Extra fastenings (like earrings or a keychain, depending on how you will use your pom-tassel)


1. Make the pom-poms: Cut a 24″ length of yarn and set aside. Wrap yarn loosely around cardboard until it measures 1/2″ thick at center. Remove loops from cardboard, tie 24″ length around center of loops, and cut all loops. Alternatively, you could use a pom-pom maker or try out this nifty yarn hack. Fluff and trim pom-pom into a 2″ ball.


2. Make the tassels: Cut thirty 12″ lengths of yarn. Fold all lengths in half. Tie remaining pom-pom strands from the 24” strand around center of lengths; knot tightly.


3. Assemble: Thread center strands through middle of pom-pom and out opposite side. Using strands, tie pom-tassel to the afghan, bag, or earrings of your choosing. Trim ends.

Add to an Afghan

One of the projects we are most excited to make this season is the Diamonds and Tassels Afghan by Jennifer Olivarez. The pom-tassels on the corners of the diamond motifs are stunning and work perfectly with the color of the afghan!


Add to a Market Bag

Another fun option is to add a pom-tassel to your crochet market bag. This is a great opportunity to add some color to this trendy bag project and liven it up for spring and summer.

Make Earrings

Attach these pom-tassels to earring loops and you’ve got some nifty earrings. If you want less of a statement piece, make a smaller pom-pom and shorter tassels.


How will you decorate with your pom-tassel? Let us know in the comments below!

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