Crafty Weekend

It was non-stop creating chez Crochet me this weekend.

Argyle BacksplashWe spent all day Saturday tiling our kitchen back splash. I thought a four-colour argyle pattern would look cool, and would be a neat reversal of creativity for me — usually I look at things like mosaics and architectural features and think about using the inspiration in yarn. With this mosaic, it was really cool to integrate my fibery life into our home. And in that way that makes me love him so much, Mr Cm took my blurted-out idea and did the math and planning I have no attention span for. And this is part of what we did. In total, we tiled 10 solid diamonds to cover the 23 square feet of back splash (it'll be grouted next weekend sometime). There are more process photos on Flickr, if you're interested.

Shrug Progress

I worked a little on the shrug, but still haven't gotten to the decreases on the first sleeve. It's not so much that it's slow crocheting, but more that I've been going in a million directions of late. But, since Jen asked for an update, here ya go. If you click to see the larger version, you'll see how pretty the stitch pattern is. It's kind of unusual – the clusters are worked around double crochet stitches, which is how they end up on an angle. I love how it's coming out, and I'm really enjoying the stitching. Jen also asked about the yarn colour – it's Raspberry.

Finally, meet Sally. I've been wanting to make a sock monkey for months, and took the time yesterday afternoon. I dropped Mr Cm off at the airport (the lucky man's in Tokyo this week), ran some errands, came home, made some amazingly delicious tea that Annette sent me, and fired up the sewing machine. Next time I won't stuff so much, but overall I'm so psyched about her. She may look like a linebacker, but that doesn't mean she isn't a girly girl.

Sally the Sock Monkey

You might be wondering why I named her Sally, and why first, considering her burly masculinity, I decided she's a girl. Well. I followed the instructions in Bazaar Bizarre, and they said to use Fray Check or clear nail polish on the crotch area to prevent the sock from running under the stress of being stuffed. Never one to follow instructions thoroughly, and occasionally one not to consider why instructions instruct as they do, I used dark pink nail polish. I'll give you a second to consider the dark pink nail polish in the crotch area.

Now. I spent the summers of 1985-1989 at overnight camp in the Catskill Mountains. It was one of the most formative settings of my young life. I think it was during my second summer there, when I was 10-years-old, that one of my counselors told us that when she was younger, she and her friends used to refer to “that time of the month” as “their friend Sally visiting.” And so you see, the name choice was obvious.

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