Wishing You a Crafty and Happy Mother’s Day!

I was a dirt-smudged, wild, and imaginative 8-year-old when my mom taught me to knit. I was rather quiet, then—things have changed!—and I had an intense focus when it came to Projects. I liked to draw. I liked to build forts in the woods. I read the DICTIONARY like it was a normal book. And once mom put needles in my curious hands, I liked to knit.

You may recognize this quote from the latest Lisa’s List, Tips for Teaching Kids to Knit. Lisa comes from a tradition of knitting that is deeply seeded in her family. Her grandmother was a knitter, and her mother Nancy Shroyer continues to knit, and to teach knitting. I asked Lisa if she ever felt as if the student surpassed the master in this situation. “No,” she says, “that never came to mind. I just know that I was knitting all the time as a kid, from about the age of eight. Then suddenly, my skills took a turn and were sharper. It was all because of her.”

Mother's Day

Nancy Shroyer shows her enthusiasm for knitting and beer while on a visit to Fort Collins.

This weekend, we celebrate Mom in all of her incarnations: care-giver, nurse, disciplinarian, playmate, friend. And what better way to pen an ode to Mom than to acknowledge that many times over, fostering creativity has also been a part of her mission? The macaroni art she saved, the homemade batches of Play-Doh she made. In our world here at Interweave, the craft-making that we care for so deeply often began with Mom.

My mom Kay learned to knit in a class, then she signed me up for that same class. When it came to crochet, we decided to take a class together. Crochet is a passion of mine, of course, but my mom has taken it to an artistic level. She does these felted pieces that also integrate crochet. It’s amazing.
Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

When I started to learn to crochet, I already worked at Interweave. But I went to my mom to learn how to get started with a hook. My first project was the Rapunzel Scarf – very satisfying!
Jessi Rodriguez
Marketing Guru, Interweave Knit & Crochet

My mom taught me how to cast-on, knit, purl, and bind-off. The student has definitely surpassed the teacher in this story – Mom doesn’t knit anymore and would probably need a lesson from me in casting on! What she does like is a certain cardigan that I knitted for her years ago. She has worn it so much – she recently asked for a duplicate to be made. When it comes to my mom, I am happy to oblige.
Meghan Babin
Editor, Interweave Knits

How will you be celebrating Mom this weekend? How about choosing a project that you both can tackle after Mother’s Day?
Knit or crochet, a shared project will generate lasting memories that fall far outside of the finished object.

Celebrate with Mom and get your craft on!




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